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the Render Story

We represent a unique combination of talent and experience to guide you through a high-tech world of art and science. Synthetic Media opens the door to amazing new capabilities for business professionals to communicate easily and effectively. By using your digital likeness to create high-quality video content, you can reach your audiences with production-level digital assets in record time.

To make this happen, you need a partner who understands the digital communication landscape and has done it before. We’ve assembled a team of entrepreneurs and experts to innovate the video production industry. As pioneers in the online media and virtual learning spaces, we are uniquely suited to usher in the next generation of content and communication, helping you leverage your hyper-realistic avatar to expedite content creation in your business.

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Your Digital Likeness Experts

Here’s the group who decided it would be a great idea to demystify the process of creating and using synthetic media and hyper-realistic avatars, and bring their power to you–the business leader who knows that time is valuable and that video content is essential.

Meet our Leadership team

Jon Tota

chief executive officer

Jon Tota has spent his 25-year career in all aspects of online digital media. He started as a screenwriter, worked on Wall Street and found his way into computers in the late 90’s. Jon then co-founded Edulence in 2002 and launched Knowledgelink as one of the first video training platforms in 2004. He led the company through successive years of growth and to an acquisition by ELB Learning in 2020. Today, Jon creates immersive audio and learning content at Syntax + Motion and is pioneering the next age of online digital media with Render.

In the early days, Jon and his team at Edulence created Knowledgelink as one of the industry’s first cloud-based video training platforms. A combined passion for the production of immersive digital media and the online delivery of it to users led Edulence to many years of growth and customer success. But one challenge always persisted in helping companies scale their training models online – how can we more easily, quickly and cost-effectively create video content from anywhere? Solving for that problem led Jon to synthetic media and the founding of Render.

As CEO, Jon leads Render’s strategic direction and works with our executive teams in avatar creation, product design and business development.

Moki Goyal

Chief Product Officer

Since 1997, Moki Goyal has been deeply involved with technology and video production. Moki started as a consultant at Accenture (formally Andersen Consulting) implementing enterprise management systems before co-founding Resolution Seven, a video and web production company in NYC. Working with brands such as Pepsi and American Cancer Society, he developed ways to streamline the production processes of animation and video production to make it faster and more efficient to produce.

In 2007, Moki joined Jon at Edulence and began the development of Knowledgelink, a leading edge, cloud-based video training platform. Over the course of 13 years, Knowledgelink grew to train over 250,000 users across the globe. In working with his clients, the cost and time challenges of scripting, shooting, and editing video were obvious. Being an avid process enthusiast, he continued creating technology to streamline the video creation process by programatically editing clips together.

With the blossoming of AI technology and synthetic media, this journey has been an ideal segue to the CPO of Render. Making video content creation easier, cheaper, and more secure is at the heart of Render’s mission.

Jill Schiefelbein

Chief Experience Officer

Thriving at the intersections of communication, education, and technology, Schiefelbein was an early adopter of online education, building up hundreds of online courses in the early 2000s at the largest public university in the country. She took her experience teaching business communication at Arizona State University and leveraged it into a communication strategy company, The Dynamic Communicator®, Inc., where she’s served companies from small brick-and-mortar businesses to Fortune 50 companies as a keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant. Helping businesses find and fill their communication gaps is what she does best, and it’s why we’re so excited to have her on board creating amazing experiences for our clients and working with them to create strategic use cases for synthetic media that deliver results.

She’s no stranger to content creation, having produced video and written content for multiple publishers, including Entrepreneur, McGraw-Hill, and others (including multiple books of her own). And because academia didn’t quite leave her system, she’s currently working on her doctorate at the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business, where she’s researching the intersections of customer experience, B2B sales, and synthetic media.

What we do

We eliminate the obstacles of media production to make it easier for business leaders to create and distribute content by leveraging the advantages of synthetic media.
This allows our clients to efficiently and cost-effectively forge stronger connections, curate instant training and education, build better relationships, and enhance customer experiences.

Ultimately, we aim to make synthetic media a trustworthy and practical business solution for you and your organization.

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