Client Spotlight: think2perform

Minneapolis-based think2perform is a company that focuses on enhancing the world by improving the decision-making and performance of the people and organizations we touch. One of their key programs, the Behavioral Financial Advice designation, is where they have a wide-spread training need. 

With a base of core content delivered by multiple licensed coaches, custom avatars were a perfect solution to help them maintain the integrity of their content and allow it to be delivered in individual voices and likenesses of the coaches in their program. This way, those learning from the online course get to learn directly from the coach that they work with.

Custom avatars are an amazing solution for groups that. have a centralized message that is best delivered by local, regional, or relationship-based likenesses. Studies show that people learn better from those they know and trust. So why not leverage synthetic media to get the likeness of the person delivering the training customized to your audience?

What think2perform did great in this example, is to craft scripts for introductions to each module and to develop a template, visually, for the course. This way all they have to do for each coach is generate a new avatar video using the same scrip, and replace the avatar in each module introduction. What a smart and simple solution!

Check out a short snippet of their course in the video below, and see how they leveraged Render’s solutions to create their training.