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How Do We Create Your Digital Likeness?

Combining our unique superpowers and collaborating with innovative partners, we’ve curated an experience unlike any other that you’ll find when it comes to creating and using hyper-realistic avatars.

Once you’ve completed the Avatar Experience, we take the footage and your digital likeness is created in a secure environment, with digital encryption and physical security measures in place to ensure that your digital assets are safe.

Your digital likeness is stored on servers based in the United States, and our service includes continually monitoring and updating your hyper-realistic avatar to provide you with the most upgraded synthetic media experience.

What is the Avatar Experience?

To create your digital likeness, you’ll spend 90 minutes with our team in one of our production studios in locations around the United States (or at our headquarters in Burlington, VT). During this time we’ll collect video footage and audio samples that we will use to produce your hyper-realistic avatar.

Want to learn more about how we do it? Click through the presentation in this section for more details. And if you’re excited about leveraging synthetic media in your business, apply to get your digital likeness created using the button below

The Verification Process

Once your hyper-realistic avatar is ready for use, you’ll get set up with a RenderMe account, go through an onboarding process, and then you’ll be ready to render great content. To make sure your digital likeness is secure, we use a multi-factor authentication and identification verification process for application access. This process ensures that no content is created with your hyper-realistic avatar without your direct permission, or permissions that you’ve directly authorized.

(Yes, we know it takes a split second longer when you’re in the application ready to render content with your digital likeness, but we feel your security is worth it and we know you’ll agree!)