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Three Steps to Your Digital Future

Step 1: Create Your Likeness

You can do this at our home studio in Burlington, VT, or at any of our studio tour locations around the country. Includes professional studio shoot with hair and makeup, coaching and production of video avatar footage, voice training, and avatar generation—everything needed to create your Digital Likeness.

Production Fee (One-Time): $1,000

*Additional avatars produced at $500


Step 2: License Your Avatar

For each custom avatar you onboard, you will pay a technology license fee each year. This fee is paid to the owner of the AI model used to generate your avatar and voice clone. This includes the maintenance and version upgrades implemented by the AI model provider and is required to operate your avatar on the Render platform.

License Fee (Annual): $1,000

*Each avatar requires an active license fee.

Step 3: Register Your Subscription

Once your custom avatar is licensed, you select a subscription plan based on the amount of videos you want to generate each month.

Your subscription provides the secure storage and usage of your Digital Likeness with all application functionality, including translations, batch renders, custom landing pages, and more!

Render Subscription (Monthly): $200/mo = 15 videos

*Includes 15 videos a month, up to five-minutes in length. Cancel any time.