Use Case: Article Summarizers for SEO

Want to find an easy way to add multi-media presence to your existing blog or article posts? Use your custom avatar! This is a great way to increase the SEO–search engine optimization–of your website and your content.

Think about it. We know that search engines crawl both text and multi-media content. So increase your chances of getting listed by adding video content to each blog or article on your site. The best part? It will only take a minute or two of your time when you use your custom avatar.

The video below outlines the full process (and gives you a sample of my output–you’ll notice I like to customize the background with my name and a note on my digital likeness). But if you don’t want to watch the full video, here’s an easy step-by-step to follow:

  • Step 1: Select an article and copy the URL
  • Step 2: Log into RenderMe and get to the scripting area
  • Step 3: Use our AI Sidekick (aka Chat GPT in the app for easy use) and ask it to create a 50-word summary of your article (and then paste the link)
  • Step 4: Add any introductory or conclusion sentences that you wish
  • Step 5: Select your background
  • Step 6: Render!

It’s that easy. And it can be a fast and quick executable strategy that you can use right away to leverage the value of your digital likeness.

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