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Where will you use your avatar?

Leveraging the power of hyper-realistic avatars in your business communication strategy puts you ahead of the innovation curve. Want to find out some of the many categories of usage for this digital asset class? Keep reading. Or, if examples are more your thing, check out our showcase.

Deliver Results

Tired of sending text-based emails that aren't moving the needle of interest? Want to provide your customers choice in how they consume your content? Leveraging your avatar to produce content in multiple channels is a strategic win!

Generate Shares

Gaining attention in the social sphere isn't always easy. But we know that video reigns supreme in terms of content types that get shown in feeds. Make it easy for your team to produce content to stay top-of-mind with your target audience.

Expand Reach

When you can generate video content as easily as you can type a script, there's no need to limit yourself to reaching your potential clients with only one channel of communication. If you have a script, you have a video, with only a few clicks!

Categories of Usage

Marketing and Sales

From rapid A/B testing before you take that high-profile executive’s time to be on camera for your next advertisement, to customized and personalized videos to prospective clients, there are numerous uses for Digital Likeness that can benefit any sales or marketing team.

Want to brainstorm with us to see if this technology is the right fit for your organization, team, or specific use case? We’re here to help! Fill out our contact form and we’ll put you in touch with one of our strategists.

Training and Education

Use your Digital Likeness to add a visual presence to any training content–internal or external. The best part? If something changes in your training content, all you have to do is edit a script and re-submit it for your avatar–and simply swap it out in your content. Piece of cake!

Internal Communication

From executive updates, to new employee onboarding, to training on new systems and tools, use your avatar to add video presence to any training with ease. Need one of your leaders to get their presence on video to send out an internal memo? Use their Digital Likeness to be able to create and share messages quickly with a bit more “umph” than an email alone provides.